Friday, February 5, 2010

If they haven't already, students need to turn in their Anne Frank timelines ASAP.  Mid-term grades will be turned in Monday (2/8) and the timeline is a significant chunk of their grade.

Next week we will continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank in-class.  We are reading the play adaptation of the diary, so the students are split up into reading groups and each of them have thier own part.

While reading, the students are expected to be keeping track of important information from each scene on a designated worksheet.  As each group finishes their reading of Act I, they will have an Act I quiz and a vocabulary excersise to complete before proceeding to Act II. Students will be given ample time to complete both the quiz and the vocabulary activity in-class.

Hopefully we will wrap up the reading of the play by the end of next week. At that point students will begin working in pairs on a culminating Diary of Anne Frank project.  

-Mr. Jones

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