Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Class: English 8 - Martin
Hour(s): 1,4,5,6
Teacher: Catherine Martin
Assignment: the play The Diary of Anne Frank, watch live production of Act I, Scenes II & III at:
Summarize Scene I & II
Due Date: Tues. 3/30
Assignment: the play The Diary of Anne Frank, finish watching Act I, Scene III, read Act I, Scenes IV & V
beginning at time marker 25:00
Read excerpts from The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne’s own writing.)  Summarize in journal.
Thursday: watch Holocaust survivor testimonials on Discovery Education
Due Date: Wed 2/3 or Thursday 2/4
Assignment: In-class CD-ROM interactive tour of the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam, Holland!
Read article about Miep Gies (Jan. 13, 2010 The Kansas City Star). Paraphrase.
JOURNALS due.  Complete with WebQuest (http://trackstar.4teachers.org  track # 404625), timeline, and daily prompt reactions, dated and in complete sentences (paragraph form).
Due Date: Fri 4/2
Assignment: the play The Diary of Anne Frank, read Act II, Scenes I &II     
Journal reactions to play happenings in Act I.  What questions are there?
Due Date: Mon 4/5
Assignment: the play The Diary of Anne Frank, watch Act II, Scenes III-V
Due Date: Tues 4/6
Assignment: the play The Diary of Anne Frank, appendices at the back of the book, read p160 “Elegy for Anne Frank,” read graphic novel pages from Maus AND/OR selections from …I never saw another butterfly…
Plan and begin producing reactions to selections in prose, poetry, or picture format.  Due by 4/9.
Due Date: Wed 4/7 or Thursday 4/8
Assignment: Finish reactions to reading.  Discuss Final Project options.  Watch Holocaust survivor testimonials, if time is available.
Due Date: Fri 4/9
Assignment: Write, plan, produce, and present own scene either selected from The Diary of Anne Frank, or create a scene that was understood or could be integrated into The Diary of Anne Frank (extra credit will be available for writing own scene).  Presentations will be done in groups, in the auditorium during class time this week.  Grades will be posted by Monday 4/19.  Those absent from presentation days will need to make up points awarded for presentations before Friday 4/23.
Due Date: Mon 4/12 - Fri 4/16

Catherine (Katie) Martin
Central Junior High School
1400 Mass. St., Lawrence, Kansas
785-832-5400      Exte. 2569

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