Monday, October 12, 2009

Hyler • For Tuesday 10/13

Teacher:  Hyler                         Class:  American History                    Hour:  3
Notes:   Grades have been posted on Skyward.  If you need help accessing your child's grades, please check with the guidance office.  

Please make sure your child has a 3-ring notebook that is just for social studies materials.
1-We spent the entire period in the computer lab looking at grades on Skyward, the homework blog site, and our service project sites.

1-We should finish watching a video about Washiington and the Revolutionary War.

2-Pages 28-32 were collected last week, and time permitting we will review.
32-Assuming we still have time, we will share quotes.  If not we will do that on Wednesday.  Assigned quote is on page 19 or 20.

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