Monday, September 14, 2009

8th Grade English Homework: Loomis

Teacher: Loomis
Class: English
Hour(s): 2, 7, 8
Due Date:
Students have a three-paragraph essay due on Tuesday.  They began writing the essay in class and should complete it at home.  They were asked to choose between the topic of racism or family relationships.  The first paragraph is about how Mississippi Trial deals with the topic they chose, the second is about how they deal with the topic in their own life, and the third paragraph is to tie together the first two paragraphs.  

The student received further instructions and an assignment sheet with optional topic sentences that they were allowed to use.

On Monday, the students conclude the Mississippi Trial unit, and they will begin reading The Outsiders on Monday.  A reading schedule for The Outsiders will be posted next week.  


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