Monday, September 21, 2009

8th Grade English Classes: Loomis

In the 8th grade classes, we are working on PowerPoint presentations about the 1960s: history, fads/techology, fashion, food/entertainment.  The students will present these in class.  We continue to read through The Outsiders.  The reading schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 21: Chapter 3
Wednesday, September 23: Chapter 4 (Hours 2 and 8)
Thursday, September 24: Chapter 4 (Hour 7)
Friday, September 25: Chapter 5 (all hours)

Monday, September 28: Chapter 6
Wednesday, September 30: Chapter 7 (Hour 7)
Thursday, October 1: Chapter 7 (Hour 8)
Friday, October 2: Chapter 8

Students should take their books home and bring them to class every day.  As they read, students are expected to write chapter summaries.  They should write in complete sentences on the chapter summaries.  

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